Sunday, June 27, 2010

New member of the family!

I have a few new posts, so keep reading on down after this post! So we went to Montana and came home with a new member of the family! Her name is Ella, and she is so sweet! Those of you who know Daniel, you are thinking did I hit him over the head and knock him out on the way home? Not quite, but Daniel was outnumbered on this one! I have been wanting a dog for 10 years! A family from our old ward in Helena needed to find her a new home and asked if we would like to have her, and I said heck yea! She is the best family dog ever! The kids are in love with her and so am I. I think Daniel is secretly getting attatched to her as well, but we won't tell him that! Thank you Fife family! We promise to give her all the love in the world!

Montana, here we come!

Off we go to Montana! We came home from Las Vegas, I had time to unpack, do laundry, clean house, and then had to pack right up again and hop in the car. This time we had Daniel with us though so that was nice to go as a whole family! Daniel really wanted to go do the Governors Cup race in Helena, so we all signed up for a race!

Since Daniel was there, his old co-workers from Blue Cross (that is one of the major sponsors of the race) volunteered him to do the warm up exercises with them. We all know how fun he can be at this, it was pretty fun to watch!

Here is AnnaBelle trying to do the warm ups as well!
I signed up to do the 5K, and I did alright. I am new at this whole running thing, and DON'T have a runners body or stamina! So I was proud of myself for finishing, I won't give out my time, but just know that I wasn't LAST!
The kids getting ready to do the Mile Fun Run.
I was just at the finish line, so I just saw David running so hard at the end, just to find out later from Daniel that he carried him most of the way! Little Stinker!

We stayed with our friends the Holmans, and had a great time! They were so good to us, and especially the kids! AnnaBelle just loved having all the attention from Riley and Sammy!
David got to try out the little four wheeler while we were there and he loved it!

We had a great trip! The weather was beautiful for the last couple of days we were there! It was good to see all of our friends that we made while we lived there and we sure miss everyone! Maybe someday we will be back in Montana to stay!

Las Vegas, Again......!

The day school got out, I loaded up the kids and I and we headed off to Vegas to see my sister and her family! We had a great time, and got to stay in my brothers house. This first picture pretty much explains our trip!

The girls had such a long day of swimming and play, they were exhausted! They had so much fun together as always!
While we were there, Sebs had his birthday. So we decided to throw him a pool party! Susan's in-laws all came with their families and a couple of friends, and we had a full out bash! Sebs was one happy 9 year old!

I don't think Jason has ever had so many people swimming in his pool! We got a lot of use out of it that is for sure!!
Here is the cake. Bryce, Susan, and I stayed up very late the night before coming up with this masterpiece! We had a few set backs while making it, but all in all I think it turned out pretty dang good. I would never show this to the Cake Boss, but for three amateurs, I think it is okay! Sebs loved it, and that is what counts the most!

We had a great time visiting Susan as always, and plan to go back the end of July to see Jason and family!

Davids Kindergarten Graduation

David had his little graduation ceremony, and it was very cute, and LONG...... But we love our little guy so it was worth it. Daniel and I just laugh at what a big deal they make out of the whole thing, but that is okay. He was so happy and proud of himself, it was very cute to watch! This little guy has come a long way. We called him our caveman because he couldn't really speak til he was around 4. With lots of work and help from many people, we were able to work on his speech, and now he has the most clear sounds ever! He is our special little guy, anyone who knows us knows that we tend to love on him the most, we just can't help it! He stole our hearts from the beginning! We love our David munch!