Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Here are some pictures from yesterdays halloween activities! I took AnnaBelle downtown to do trick or treating, all of the businesses hand out candy, it was fun. This is her little friend from school, Clara.

David and his little buddy from school kevin, they made pretty cute Ninjas!
Sebs, doing the little parade that they have for the parents through the school.
Carving pumpkins, this year, the boys did almost everything, cleaned and cut the faces all by themselves! It was a beautiful thing! Daniel and I think next year we can actually do our own too!
Anna, the only pirate among the princesses at her school, pretty dang cute and funny I think!

Cutest pirate ever!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall is here!!

Okay, we were a little late on getting Anna a big girl bike, but we finally did it! She would take Davids bike and ride it, and David didn't like that very much, so here we go! She is a natural and loves to go up and down the sidewalk!

We recently went to Denver to visit and I only took the camera out for these pictures! I am kicking myself for not taking any more pictures of the trip, but these ones turned out very cute so that is okay! Here are our kids with Tashas kids. I think this trampoline picture is the second or third time we have done it, and they are just getting bigger and bigger, and still love to play with eachother! They miss their buddies!

We went to the Fall Festival this last weekend, it was a little cold but the kids enjoyed it! Here are a few pics from that.

Gavin and Hollie were up visiting with us, and Gavin was not wanting his photo taken, so he just closes his eyes when we say smile! It is funny! This is Anna's future husband by the way, weather they know it or not!:)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful fall! We miss and love you all!