Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blog Slacker!

Hello All! I have been quite the slacker with the blog, but have good excuses. We have been a little busy....... A couple weeks ago, right after my wonderful birthday (thank you for all the birthday wishes!) we hopped in the car to go to Colorado. It was Daniels brother Ben's graduation, and so we thought we would join the family for a little celebration! I decided to stay a little long than the weekend, so Daniel flew home, and the kids and I stayed and visited friends all week. It was a lot of fun, we loved seeing everyone, and makes us realize how much we miss our Colorado peeps! Daniel has been doing good with his job, but has recently had a little foot injury that has slowed down his running, much to his dismay, but is getting better very quickly and will be running again before we know it. That takes us to this week...... I had to go in for a little out patient surgery on Tuesday, it has been a long time in the making, and I should have had this 3 weeks ago, but alas my doctor was trying to be conservative, and in the meantime, I was in a lot of pain. We had a miscarraige a few weeks ago, but my body was not taking it too well. Along with the painful process of that alone, I was having many other problems. So I had the surgery this week, and am healing slowly but surely. We have had so many wonderful people helping us, taking the kids and bringing us meals, I am very humbled by everyones generosity and am very grateful for them! I need to heal quickly, because we have many fun things coming up! Sebastians birthday is tomorrow, and we are having a party for him at Game Pods, he is very excited! I am not ready, but will be by tomorrow I suppose. Next week he will be starting Cub Scouts, and getting baptized which he is very excited about. i can't believe he is old enough, but my baby is growing fast! My sister will be coming up to visit(yea!) and also my wonerful mother in law, so we are excited for a fun start to summer! Here are a few pictures of our last month!

My wonderful friend Hollie, sent me a cake for my birthday from a delicious bakery here in Helena, and it was so yummy! Thank you Hollie, you are the bestest!

This is the grad Ben, with Uncle Sterling, who came with his wife Denise all the way from Arizona, we had so much fun with them, and I found a wonderful card player partner with Denise, she even knew Shang hi rummy!

This is AnnaBelle and Aunt Kara, who she just loves!! And Kara spoils her rotten, and Anna loves it! We all love Aunt Kara, and are so happy she is in the family!

This is Emily, with Rowan, Uncle Sterling, and Daniels brother Nate.
This is a wonderful picture, because it has Great Grandma Foster, Uncle Sterling, Aunt Denise, Uncle Doug, Grandma Deb, and our family!
Here is David and he best bud Braxton, at the Denver zoo.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy 30th Kassiah!

As I am sure you all know, it is cinco de mayo, which can only mean one thing - it's Kassiah's birthday!  Now, because we have moved away from family and friends and have had family and friends move away from us, it was impossible to have everybody together in one place to celebrate.  So I asked family and friends to send photos of their birthday greetings to Kassiah.  Below is the video compilation.  If you want to send your photo-birthday-greeting to Kassiah, you can still do so before I make the final DVD for her - just email me your photo at

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sebastian's cruising!

Sebastian's friend from school invited us to go ride motorcycles with him and his family. Sebastian took right to the little motorcycle they had. Here is a video showing him on his first attempt. A special thanks to the Phillips family for having us along!