Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ski Fiesta!

This last weekend we headed over to Idaho for a little fun with one of our favorite families the Smarts! We had so much fun hanging out with them, and they were nice enough to take us all skiing! Our family has never been, except me, and the Smarts are like olympic skiiers! SO, they were a LOT of help and very patient with all of us! To all of our surprise AnnaBelle loved it! She went up and down the hill for four hours, until we pulled her off! David was a very determined little man, not much for balance and skill, but he sure did like zooming down the hill and crashing many times, and had a blast doing it. Sebs had a rough start and got frustrated at first, but Hollie gave him lots of pointers and self esteem boosts, and after a couple of hours he was going down by his self and getting to the bottom on his two skiis still standing. So anyways, we all had a great time and loved hanging with Hollie, Travis, and Gavin. They were so nice to let us come and crash their pad for the weekend, and I am sure they loved the peace and quiet once the Myers hurricane left! Here are some great pics of our trip!Gavin and Anna very excited to get into their ski gear.
Anna going up with Daniel on the Magic Carpet Ride!

David attempting to do pizza with his skiis.

After his great attempt, he crashed, this was the pattered, and he didn't care!

Hollie was Annas favorite person to take her up the hill.

That is Hollie behind Anna trying to teach her to do a pizza, look how talented Hollie is! I would fall right on my head if I tried to do that on skiis

Hollie and I going up for a quick run on the hill, she was a great teacher, thanks Holls!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Workin Mama

So it is official, I have a little part time job. I got hired at the scrapbooking store here in Helena and worked all day today. It was lovely! What more could a girl ask for, I was around paper and embellishments all day long!!!! Daniel had the kids and had an eventful day, including buying a $75 piece of broken pottery, thanks to David......... Don't know how long he will want me doing this, but we will see!:) I am going to be teaching classes at the store and my first class is next month. The class description and a write up about me on the the web site for the store, I feel kinda famous or something! Check it out! Go under what's new and also classes! I know you are just dying to check it out right?? Here is the picture of the lovely new piece of pottery that we are the proud owners of, I know you are all jealous!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Travis

Well, what do you's Travis's Birthday. But what do you give a guy who seems to have it all - a great smile, cool hair, Blokus, and a happy family? Well, we decided you sing him a song. So Travis, enjoy the song and have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

AnnaBelle Through The Years!

Seems just like yesterday I was having this little baby, and yesterday she turned 3! She is a spunky, energetic, very emotional, girly girl. Her many nicknames that we have for her are Nanners, Anna-Banana, Queen Grumpy Pants(daddy came up with that one), and Anna-Belly. We love her so much! Here are a few pictures of her throughout the last 3 years!

One Year Old

Queen Grumpy Pants strikes again!

For her birthday she wanted to go to the Carousel, one of the only fun places to go when it is freezing outside. We let her ride and ride and then eat ice cream, she loved it.

Happy Third Birthday!!

My pretty little princess AnnaBelle!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Pictures by the tree

Here are the kiddos all dressed up for chruch the Sunday before Christmas. They all were very good at letting me take some pictures of them!

Of course Sebs had a few different poses for me, these are just two of many!

Wii Fun Time with David