Tuesday, November 25, 2008

DisneyWorld Part 1

To warn you all! I did take way too many pictures and will be posting a lot of them, so I apologize in advance if you get sick of looking at Disney pictures! We had such a great time with all of my family! To those of you who have known me for the last two years, that is how long we have been waiting to go on this trip. This is also the last time we will see my parents and brother for a couple of years, so it was a good way to spend the time! My sister Susan was the master planner and she did a great job! We were there for 9 days, and still didn't see everything we wanted to. Needless to say, we will for sure be planning another trip there in the next few years! Preferably when our kids are 6 years and older so we aren't carrying them around the parks all day!!!! These pictures are also in reverse order because I forgot that they post the opposite way!

This is a picture of me, my mom, and sister at Epcot.


This is a coca cola store where you can sample cokes all around the world, I think France had the best flavor and Italy won the most yucky flavor.

Anna and Abby in the mouth of Bruce!

Daniel is such a stud, he can hold the whole Epcot ball in his hands!

This is my oldest nephew Kevin getting a smooch from Minnie!

My sister was awesome and made reservations at all of the best resturants for the trip for us, and we had three meals with the characters, the kids loved to have the one on one time with them it was great!

Anna was terrified of all of the characters, especially the ones at the meals. She was clutching on to my dad for dear life in this picture! I think my dad secretly loved it!:)

This is the first character Anna actually sat by herself and took a picture with and even gave a hug to! I think she is now her favorite, I think it is because she didn't have a big head or look weird!

Snow White was really nice also!

These guys were called the Betnicks(sp?), they played awesome music. Sebs got to go up and play a song with them on the bell. It was really fun to watch and now they are his favorite band!

You can kinda tell Anna is getting into dancing to the song!

Bugs life in 3-D!

The kids got books that all of the characters could sign, they thought that was really fun!

This picture is of all of the great grand kids and my grandma and grandpa. This will be a keeper in the years to come.

We found these fun Mickey ears to take pictures in, we have all of our family pictures taken in them too, but I don't have copies of those yet!

David loved all of the characters!

My brother Greg and Anna, she really warmed up to my brothers and dad this trip, it was fun.

Goofy and Goofy!

My parents with the "twins"

My brother Jason made Daniel try some sushi at the Japanese dinner place. He actually did mind it, said it tasted a little like chicken!:)

Our entertaining chef!

Pluto and the kids.

The magic kingdom parade, the kids loved it!

David waited so patiently in line to meet Buzz Lightyear! I think it was is favorite part, his eyes were so fun to watch get big and smile when he got up there!

He took off his Buzz hat to show Buzz. It was really cute!

The kids after riding Splash Mountain! They all loved it!

On the plane getting ready to go!!!