Friday, August 29, 2008

Suva, Fiji!

My parents have been waiting very impatiently for the last 4 weeks to hear about their mission call for the church.  They finally got it today in the mail and we were here for them to open it!  We were all guessing places like Salt Lake and boring places, and low and behold they are going to Fiji!!!  Very cool.  I guess we will start a Fiji fund to go and visit them in the next two years!   

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh Montana, give this child a home!

Okay, it is official, we are moving to Montana! This has been a hard decision to make over a month of thinking it over and over again, but we figure what the heck!!! It is a good job opportunity for Daniel, and it is a beautiful area. We decided we are up for the adventure. It will be a year trial, and if we are done and want to come back "home" we will. We are renting our house here so we will still have a place to come home too. We will miss our many wonderful family and friends that we have made here and will be very sad and lonely, hopefully they have as cool of people up there as we do here!:) We will keep you all posted on our progress!! Wish us luck!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Myers Pumpkin Patch

Here is my garden in my backyard. It has done pretty good this year, except for the fact that I planted pumpkins! They are taking over my back yard and I think by Oct we will have enough to charge for a pumpkin patch!! It is actually growing as I type. I go out there in the moring and it has grown overnight, it is a little crazy! We won't be spending money on pumpkins this year though, so that is good!!!

Free Willie!!

As many of you know we had a pet salamander named Willie! We have had him for about a year now and decided it was time to let him go free! So here is David holding Willie for the last time and letting him go off and do the things that salamanders do!! We will miss you Willie!

First Day of 2nd Grade

Here he is! My big 7 year old going off to 2nd grade! Time flies! I never thought that was true until I had kids and they grow up so fast right in front of your eyes! I sound like my mom!:) He had a great day of school and loves his new teacher and of course seeing all of his friends again!

Monday, August 18, 2008

My friends awesome CD

Hey there - Daniel here.  So a good friend of mine who I had the pleasure to serve with as a missionary in Montreal has released a CD.  He was an amazing solo pianist when I met him, and the 10 years or so since have only made him better.  So I am putting a plug out for him - go to his website, listen to his samples, and then buy his album like I did from iTunes (or elsewhere).  Visit for all the details and a sample of the best piano music you've heard in a long time.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lake McConaughey

So, here we go AGAIN, now to Lake McConaughey in Nebraska.  It was my idea to get the Myers clan all together and do a family thing, but only two of the 6 other siblings could make it, but it was still really fun.  We also had our friends the Tanners come with us, but they camped in a hotel instead of the beach!  We got there and all we knew was we wanted to find a place called Sandy Beach.  So we find it at 8pm and it is dark outside already.  We figure we will just drive on down there and find a spot, easy right?  Well we get down there and start driving around in the sand, and the next thing we know, we are so stuck!  So we decided that it was a great place to put up the tents and camp, we got pulled out in the morning.  It was a fun trip and the kids had a blast playing in the white smooth sand all weekend and playing in the water! We would for sure do this one again!  

Here is our van, very stuck
Here is Daniel trying to dig us out with a camping shovel.  It made him feel useful....

David and his cousin Trevor, loved racing eachother.

Olivia, David and Trevor
I love these next two pics, Anna sticks her tongue out when she runs and I caught her in action

Our little niece Sophie
Maddie and Sebastian

On the boat, David, Max, Olivia, and Trevor

I got to drive the boat, and I loved it!  So much power!

Daniels sister Emily and her hubby Kurtis, sons Kieren and Max
My friend Annie Tanner and I

The Tanners, Justin, Annie, Caden and Ethan 
We love the Jet Ski!!!

Annie brought this little couch to the beach for Ethan to chill out on, and Anna and Caden loved to sit in it with him.  It was pretty cute.
Our little family

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Funnel Cloud????? So Daniel thinks...................

We had a tornado warning the other night, which we take way more serious now since the ones in Windsor happened.  Our neighbors came over that didn't have basements.   So all the women and children were in the basement, and of course the "men"  were upstairs looking for funnel clouds.  Smart right?  Anyways, they swear that this one was a beginning of one.  I don't know, it looks pretty close though.  This is the view from one of our upstairs bedrooms.