Saturday, July 10, 2010

My 100th post!

I just figured out that this will be my 100th post! If I was like all the other on top of it bloggers maybe I would have some sort of prize or drawing, but we all know I am not! So consider your prize as being special enough to read my blog!:)

Here are some summer pictures of the kiddos and what they have been up to! These first ones are of Anna and her cute little friend Avery. The looked so cute in their little suits sliding on the slip and slide. Avery knew how to plop right down on her belly and slide the whole way, Anna still has some learning to do!

For the 4th, or 3rd I guess we went to Greeley. Daniel ran a race in the morning, and came in 2nd in his age group and 10th overall. He even got a nice little metal! Then we all went and watched the Greeley Parade, which the kids somewhat enjoyed. This first picture is of some steer or oxen(not sure the correct term) just walking down the street in the parade. As soon as Anna saw these she hopped right up and sat on my lap. She may be the smart one of the bunch. The boys thought it was pretty cool though.

The cute kiddos, AnnaBelle, Sebastian, David, and Aiden

David is doing T-Ball this summer, and we think he likes it okay. He told me the other night that he likes practices more than the games because they are funner. Oh well, we tried right?

David and his buddy Zach
Thanks all for reading! Please feel free to leave a comment on my 100th post, maybe I can make it my most commented post!