Sunday, July 5, 2009

June is over?!

I can't believe a whole month of summer is gone! We have had a good time though. The first whole part of the month it rained and rained, like everywhere else I hear. But we kept busy. This last weekend we decided to go camping, just our little family up to Seeley Lake. We have never been up that way and have heard it was pretty, and it sure was! We had a great time just relaxing and playing around the camp site. Our kids are getting to be quite the campers. They know the routine and have so much fun!

My perfect SMORE! Thanks to Hollie last year, she taught me the fine points of roasting a perfect marshmallow, and we all know how much I love those!!

We took a little hike around the lake, and it was such beautiful scenery, we also learned that this was the area where A River Runs Through It was filmed!

One of Daniels Co workers told us we had to get a picture taken in front of The Cow, so here we go! I just found out in Montana for every 3 cows there is one person.........

A couple of weeks ago Hollie and Gavin came up to see us. Unfortunatly I had to work on the Saturday she came, so Daniel and her and the kids decided to take a hike up Crow Creek Falls. They never made it to the falls, but said it was pretty and had a good time.

I love these pictures, Thanks for taking them with my dinky little camera Hollie!