Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Sebastian!

Yesterday was Sebastians 7th birthday!  He got to pick what he did for the day, so we went swimming with some friends, then we went to the Lego store and he got to spend his birthday money.  He then went and got a Webkin.  For dinner he decided he wanted to go to Red Robin.  They sang to him and gave him an ice cream sundae.   He was a happy boy!  All day long he would tell everyone that would listen to him that it was his birthday today.  It was cute!  I love you Sebastian!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Here are a collection of pictures, mostly in Moab from this last week with my family.  It was my neices baptism on Saturday, so we went for that and just to hang out with cousins.  My kids love all of their cousins and are always so sad when it is time to leave.

Here are some pictures from Davids preschool program at the end of the year.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Toothless Wonder!

Sebs lost one of his top teeth while we are in Moab visiting family.  He was very excited to lose it.  His Aunt Hye-In couldn't stand that he had a loose tooth and got her way and pulled it out!  He is $1.50 richer and has a very cute smile!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Our little love birds!

Hollie and I took her guy Gavin and AnnaBelle out on Valentines Day and thought it would be fun to take some pictures of them with some roses.  At first they were NOT being too cooperative, it took about an hour and then we got some really cute shots of them.  I joke with Hollie how awesome these pictures are going to be when our kids get married and we do their wedding video!  Hee hee.  Enjoy!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


We had a few firsts this week!  David had his first bee sting while he was playing out side at pre school.  He was a trooper and was just fine.  We got rid of Annas crib and she slept in a big girl bed for the first time, and I have to say that she is staying in her bed much better than the boys ever did!  And last we have Sebs!  He taught himself to ride a two wheeler finally!!!!  We were so proud of him!!!  I have it on video and it is the best thing ever, he is so proud and happy, it is adorable!!  Enjoy!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Okay, so it has been a while since I posted something, so here we go!!!  It has been a busy week! I finally did what I have been talking about for a year to do.  I got bunk beds for the boys and switched their room from my craft room.  They get the bigger room now, even though i have more stuff than them, I know sick right?  Well, they love their beds and new room.  I spent all weekend painting them and getting them looking all cute.   I will post pics for you that care later!  Yesterday we finally took AnnaBelles crib out and put in a big girl bed!  About time I know, and it has been quite the process.  She looks so little in that big bed, it makes me a little sad to see my baby girl growing up so fast!!  She is talking way more than the boys ever did already, and much clearer, which makes me happy!  David is doing much better with his speech and doing great!  We love our David so much.  His thing right now is about every day he will say, "Guess what I want to be when I grow up?"  and we have to guess and until we get it right, and right now it is Spiderman and Superman, and sometimes a firefighter, but mostly the other two.  He says, "Mom, when I am Spiderman, I will just shot my web and climb up the buildings, because Spiderman can do that, did you know that?"  It is too cute!!  Sebs is doing great also. I had recently found another piece of paper with words and notes written on it, and asked him what it was.  It is a song that he wrote and he sang it for me.  It is too cute, here are the words!

Oh I don't want you to leave, but you want to leave.  OOOOOHHHHH  Please don't go because you have been a good friend.  Please!  But I have a great idea we can have ice cream!!!!  I say yes, you say no, okay lets go!!!

It is the cutest thing ever, if I remember I will have him sing it and I will post it!  Lastly my b-day was today, thanks for all of those who called and emailed!  Especially Hollie for her blog. It means  a lot to me!  Holls and I were suppose to go skydiving for our birthdays, but she moved away on me!!!  Next year for the big 30!  I had a great day and I love you all and my family so much!  One more year to enjoy my twenties!!!