Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Many Events!

We have been busy here in the Myers household! Here are some pictures of things that have been going on, most recent first. Sebastian turned eight a few days ago and was baptized last Saturday. My sister Susan and her daughter Abby came up, as well as Daniel mom Deb. We all had a great time and loved having the company! Here are some pictures from the baptism.

Anna and Abby

Getting ready to go to the church.

We laugh at this picture because it looks like Grandma Debbie is a short person.. she is really actual size in real life:)
Sebs, Abagail and Aunt Sue-Sue
Our twin girls! It is funny they are only a day apart, and Anna is so much bigger than Abby

Sebastian wanted to have his birthday party at a place here in Helena called Game Pods. Every little boys dream. Any kind of gaming system and game you can imagine, all for them to play. He had a great time, so here are the pictures from that!

This last weekend was the Governor's Cup, and the boys signed up to do the mile fun run. It was snowing in the morning and then raining off and on the rest of the day, but it didn't stop anybody from doing the races. They boys had a fun time!

I told Daniel to go out and pose for me in the snow, nice babe!

Memorial Day we decided to go and visit Gates of the Mountains right outside of town with our friends the Jenkins. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. After our farry ride, someone from the local news station asked to interview Daniel and Anna and they were on the 10 o clock news! It was pretty cute!