Monday, June 30, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For!

Okay, I have had a DAY!  I was the one that wished for a little girl, and Boy did I get one!  I have had a day with her where I wonder if I am qualified to be a mom or not.  I have been hit, scratched, bit, had my jewelry torn off, am I forgetting anything?  Oh yea, all by one child.  Any one else have one of these days?  Please say yes, or else I think I will have to trade my daughter in because she is defective!!  It doesn't matter what I do, or say when the switch clicks in her brain she is out of control!  I sure hope it is just a phase, because this mommy can't take much more!!!  That is all.  Any advise?  Thanks for letting me vent!  Hope everyone else had a better day than I did! 

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sand Dunes!

Here are the pictures from our sand dunes trip!  We went with our friends from Castle Rock, and had a lot of fun.  All three kids loved playing in the sand and water!

One of her rare moments that I got a picture of her wearing her hat.
I love twinkies!
I was trying really hard to get a picture of all three kids together.  This is the best one I got!
David was wearing his hat and I thought he looked so cute.  So I told him to smile and this is the cheesey grin I got!
The kids liked to play in this man made pool, it was pretty cool.  There were people there who got a huge shovel and dug a man size pool that a ton of people could go in, I should have gotten a pic of that!!

Surfs up!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jackson Lake!

Okay, well the explanation of this trip is at the bottom of the pictures, I couldn't get it at the top!!!  So scroll down!!:)

This is DAvid with Cheyanne, Braxton, and Josh on the tube.  He loved it!

Sebs and Josh taking a turn on the tube.
AnnaBelle and Cheyanne on the boat.  

This picture is for you Hollie!!!  ARen't you proud of me?  It was so much fun!  This was my first time on a wake board and it was awesome!  I will defintly do that one again!

Here are the guys getting water out of the boat after it flooded, that was only the first of many problems to come!:(

The three amigos, David Braxton and Luke.

We recently did a couple of camping trips, first to the Sand Dunes down by Alamosa and then Jackson Lake by Ft. Morgan.  I will post Sand Dunes later.  Both were pretty dang fun and very tiring for mommy.  I did the Jackson Lake trip without Daniel for the most part and that took a toll on all of us, but it was worth it.  We went with the Millers and the Sturgells and had a great time.  They rented a boat and it was going fine, then it broke down.  The two husbands spent 1 1/2 days trying to fix it, and they did.  But then a day later it broke again.  Needless to say they were very frustrated and by the second breakdown they called it quits, which is a bummer.  But we had a great time anyways.  My kids loved being around all of the other kids.  Anna loved the older girls, and David had his buddies Luke and Braxton, and Sebs followed around the older boys!  All in all a fun week!  here are some pics!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Here is a little clip of Sebs and his friend Antonio rockin out on guitar hero!  This is mostly for Travis who gets a kick out of it.  He is now on the hard level, and he gets like 70-80% on the songs.  Not too shabby for a 7 year old.  I will post one of david next, he is getting pretty good too and is fun to watch!!

Slip n' Slide!

Hollie and Gavin came to visit us a couple of weeks ago!  We were so excited to see her!  We had a fun time.  They kids wanted to get out the slip n' slide so after we got it out and were trying to explain how they needed to go on it, Hollie decided to show it herself, fully clothed!  And I followed right after her.  These pictures are kinda backwards, I don't know how to put them in order.  It was fun, and I miss having my friend around so much!!!!  Hollie come back to me!!!!!!!